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About us

our Mission:

To deliver and provide musical experiences and resources never imagined before.

our TEAM:
Self Portrait (July 2018) 1 by 1 (800px)
Jonathan “Jonny” Selimović

I own, operate and am the Media Producer of my media company known as “JonnySel Productions”. Which specializes in Classical and Instrumental Music Videos (with 12+ years of Video Production experience) and also operates three YouTube Channels, which are the following: JonnySel Productions, Jonny Games 007 and Jonny Music.
I am a very enthusiastic and creative video, audio and photo producer/editor. I am a crucial asset when it comes to using the following list of software: Sony/MAGIX Vegas Pro, Adobe Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Flash Professional (now known as Adobe Animate), Audition, and the list goes on.
I am also a musician who is talented with playing the following musical instruments: Piano, Trumpet and the Organ (with 19+ years of music education and experience).

When it comes to TV/Movie entertainment, I mainly like animated works. For hobbies, I like playing video games as well.
I am always up for collaboration projects for YouTube, especially if it involves travelling to new places.


A fun fact about me is that I am an advocate for people like myself who have Autism. I believe that all people with Autism deserve a fair chance at success in whatever they love to do, as long as they really want to commit to it.

Be sure to check out and follow my Social Media Links (or fill in the contact form) down below so you can keep in touch with my current and future projects and also interact with me whenever possible.

We are also on:

Be sure to also check out my Twitch Channel by clicking on the Twitch logo for awesome Gaming Live-streams!

To access my backed-up videos from YouTube (due to many possible reasons why they were removed from there), please check out my Dailymotion Channel by clicking their logo.

Also why not check out my DeviantArt profile?

I also happen to create my own Organ solo arrangements of pop culture songs as seen here in my Jonny Music Musescore profile.

The Jonny Music division is on Patreon just so you are aware.

If you would like to contribute to the division's work financially on a monthly basis, I recommend clicking the Patreon logo for more information. Thanks.

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