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Video Services

Services have been decommissioned since June 2018. JSP is taking a different direction from here.

Otherwise, feel free to check out the awesome content on JSP's Social Media channels as seen below.

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We own and manage several YouTube channels that are listed below.

You can view samples of our Short Films and the sorts through our playlists and portfolios on YouTube.

LATEST SoundCloud Tracks

If you have enjoyed your stay on our channels, please consider to help us support the company with a free-will donation.

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Owner / operator / media producer

Self Portrait (July 2018) 1 by 1 (800px)
Jonathan "Jonny" Selimovic

My name is Jonathan “Jonny” Selimović.
I own, operate and am the Media Producer of this video/media production company known as “JonnySel Productions”.

The company provides specialized Music Videography services and also operates three YouTube Channels under the following brand names: JonnySel Productions, Jonny Games 007 and Jonny Music.

More about me and our services.

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